Summer Food Service Program

In 2013 Transitions 2 Success began a partnership with the California Department of Education and the  United States Department of Agriculture to provide free, healthy meals to low income children and youth during the out of school summer months.  To date we have fed  nearly 10,000 meals and hope to continue to increase that number annually.  There are too many children going hunger each year and we are excited to be a part of helping to alleviate some food insecurity for these children.

Celebration of Fatherhood

We understand the importance of parental involvement in a child's educational success.  We have also observe the increased success of students who have a father/father figure support their education.  Therefore we have decided to work to equip fathers in particular to support students education towards their educational attainment, achievement and success.


Each year we strive to support inner city school students and schools with support and resources to help provide more social justice equity to students who live at or near the poverty line.  We usually focus on Title One schools in the greater Los Angeles area.  

Transition 2 Service

Through our Transition 2 Service program, we participate in a variety of community service and service learning events throughout the year.  We LOVE to partner with other organizations, groups, schools and agencies to expand and increase our outreach, efforts and impact.  Please consider joining us for any of our community service and outreach events.

Parents as Partners

At Transitions 2 Success we understand the family of the entire family participating a students educational success.  Through our PARENTS AS PARTNERS program, parents actively partner with the organization to expand our outreach efforts, especially in the instance when the student is away at school, out of town.  We count on parents, mentors and friends to continue the volunteerism that the students may have participated in prior to going away to school.